A few of the 2002 Fund Raising Events...a BIG thanks to ALL who took part

The Youth of Leicester and the SHED of Yeoman Street
A very enjoyable Thursday evening was had by all. Organised by Richard Wheatcroft and his friends, an acoustic evening at the SHED, Yeoman Street was held. The bands performed very well with a variety of different styles. Some of their own songs were played as well as many of the classics. During the end of the evening a film memorabilia auction was held which was sponsored by the ODEON cinema. Items up for auction included a bright red sweatshirt, posters, CDs and t-shirts. A crate of beer was also donated by the kind people at the SHED which raised much interest at the end of the auction! As the evening drew to a close, Ben Wright gave a rendition of "You only love me when you're drunk" which was amusing to say the least and put a smile on people's faces. People were then invited to donate their left-over beer money into the guitar case at the foot of the stage. Overall, a very enjoyable evening was had by all raising £316 for the Leicester MS Society. Encore! Encore!

Marks & Spencers
The Marks and Spencer’s Staff, Fosse Retail Park, Leicester have adopted the Leicester Branch as one of their charities of the year 2002 and were busy fundraising on our behalf throughout the year.
Thanks for all your efforts

The Sponsored Shuffle - thanks to all who took part
Heartlink Steam & Vintage Fair at Wymeswold £371 Raised
The Bungee Jumpers
Thanks to all the sponsored Bungee Jumpers who jumped for MS at the George public house in Blaby and raised £750