Our funds which are raised locally are largely used locally, in common with the 370 other branches of the society. After the financial year has ended if there is a surplus of funds it is sent to HQ for use by the international family of MS societies.
These surplus funds are used for medical research for the benefit of future generations affected by MS and for its cause to be treated or eradicated.

Only when this final task is done will the society’s work be complete.

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In October 2009, our centre opened to provide a permanent base from which to run our support network for those diagnosed with MS and their carers in Leicestershire.

The overall range of facilities we are looking to provide within the conversion include a community facility for our members to act primarily as a drop-in centre, a small information technology suite and to have consulting rooms so that members can take advantage of support services, from physiotherapy and relaxation to hair care and advice sessions.

We currently have 210 individuals signed up as members of the local branch of the MS Society. We aim to promote the new facility in the local press and particularly to local health service professionals who may become involved in the diagnosis or treatment or support of people with MS. Our membership coverage is across the local area and not just limited to where the new facility, in Anstey Leicestershire, is located.

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